Activity: Surfing  / Destination: County Line Beach  /  Location: Malibu, CA

A trip to California means a trip to the beach! County Line is an awesome little beach along the PCH that never seems to get too crowded, with a perfect little surf break to catch some waves. The boys braved the winds and cold water for a surf session, while us girls lounged on the beach celebrating baby Van's first beach day. It was adorable watching him discover sand for the first time. Mama even taught him how to paddle on a surfboard! And right when we were about to leave, a pod of dolphins convinced us to stay just a little bit longer. You may have remembered Kylie's eerie instagram here. California, we really do love you.

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3 comments on COUNTY LINE BEACH

  1. Awww baby's first peace sign! lol

  2. those pictures of the dolphins are amazing! and that little Van....hello cuteness :)


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