We just applied for the Big Blog Exchange to switch lives with another blogger anywhere in the world for 10 days. How rad is that? We believe the best way to really understand another culture is to experience it firsthand. We value building relationships with our readers across the web as well as connecting with other bloggers who share common interests.

Let's make the blog exchange really interesting and throw in three sisters who look the same, finish each other's sentences, and can eat a gallon of ice-cream! Help us get there by voting for our blog here. It's easy! Just vote using your email address and don't forget to confirm the link in your email to make it count. The competition closes April 15th, so help us get ahead of those who entered over a month ago! If every one of you 977 followers vote, we can win! 

We truly believe this is the perfect opportunity to do something with our blog that makes a difference in the world, and we can't wait to share it with you. We love you all. Vote vote vote! (yes, the more the merrier)!
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