i've been feeling a little house trapped lately, and i am ready for rays of sunshine! you know the feeling? it's probably a combination of being a new mama and the lack of traveling for a while, but the moment my hub gets home i'm ready to go outside!

i pass baby van over to drew with the diaper bag ready and a plan. this desire for adventure has turned into a need. so we loaded up the vanagon and drove to horse shoe bend with the windows down and the music playing.

remember this surfing spot? warm weather in idaho means river surfing! the water is still a bit too shallow for the wave to be good, but it's getting there. in the meantime, i am happy eating chocolate covered pretzels and grilling up some hot dogs just to feel like i'm on an adventure. turns out, it is.
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6 comments on A SMALL ADVENTURE

  1. oh yeah! that 100% is an adventure! leaving the house is always an adventure! that's all i do! i love you meg. this is so rad. i wanna do this with you sometime. it looks scary though haha. you guys are just the coolest family ever.

    love you to the moon!

  2. Awesome adventure. i like Sundarban forest to create adventure, always.

  3. Fun post! But I had to laugh when I read you had the music blaring..with a tiny baby in the van?? HUH??? LOL

  4. That is so crazy that you can surf in Idaho!! We are planning to travel the country come September and first spot is hitting Idaho (we live in Washington)! So we might have to try this!

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  6. Really adventurous. You know I like to visit green forest, green garden. In this way, I went Sundarban which is the world's largest mangrove forest when I get any leisure time. https://albd.org/index.php/updates/news/360-rampal-power-plant-will-not-hurt-sundarban-pm


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