As avid campers, we have a sort of formula we like to follow. Most of the camping we do in California is car-camping, so it's not too often that we have hiked to our spot. While we do that as well, this post is geared more towards those of us pulling up to the campsites we choose to stay at. If you're interested on how we camp backpacking style, let us know and we'll share that with you as well. 

First things first - FOOD. We love to eat. We always pack a cooler with ice, and toss in our meals to cook over the fire. We also bring along a paper bag with the non-perishable items like seasonings, marshallows, and graham crackers. We literally never camp without s'mores. I tried it once, and it felt so wrong! 
Second - GEAR. Tent. Sleeping bags. Pillows. Matches. Pocket-knive. Cooking equipment. Baby wipes. Toilet paper. Hand sanitizer. First-aid kit. The bare necessities. 
Third - SET-UP. The first thing we always do is set up camp. Spence works on the tent while I unpack the car. I then set up the rest of the tent while Spencer starts the fire. We always take time to collect firewood as long as there is some available in the area, and get that ready for the night. Beforehand, we buy a bundle of firewood at the grocery store so we have larger logs to keep the fire going through the night and next morning. 
Fourth - EXPLORE. Once camp is set up, we get out and explore! We go on nature walks, take photos, and poke around. We'll take some time to relax, read a book by the fire, and sip cocoa by the ocean. Wherever we're camping, whether coastal or mountain or desert, we indulge in that until the sun goes down.
Fifth - ACTIVITIES. Depending on where we're camping, our activities reflect what we'll do. If we're in the desert, we'll take a hike and go explore some caves. If it's by the beach, we'll surf and lay out on the beach. If it's in the mountains, we'll hike as well. But one of our favorite things to do is relax. If you're looking for some good surf spots, we recommend downloading the Magic Seaweed app for your iPhone, and checking out the breaks there. 
It's quite simple, really. We do these five things and we're good to go! It's all quite fluid, and we really don't have to think much - the motions come naturally, like brushing our teeth. We each have our roles and know what to do. Our trips are not often planned well in advance, as they're usually spontaneous. If we want to go to a national park, that usually requires more planning so as to reserve a campsite and prevent from arriving and having no place to stay. 

TIME TO GET CAMPING, friends! Where will you go next?

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10 comments on HOW TO: CAMP LIKE A CHAMP

  1. This was awesome. I'll be moving next month to a house nearby a large state park that has campgrounds. We're excited to explore it and do some more camping this year at places that actually allow it (we always used to end up at places that technically didn't allow camping. We call it "rouge camping" lol).

  2. Kylie, I loved this post! I love hearing about you and Spencer's camping adventures on the West Coast! We have some mountianous and hilly areas here in the East so the desert camping is always fun to see. Hoping to camp our way out West soon :) -Sara

  3. Ahhh, I wish I could say that I've been camping, but I haven't. Sounds like I need to, though, yes? And these (BEAUTIFUL!) photographs make me happy.

  4. oh my gosh these pictures are so great.

  5. This is awesome!!! can't wait for summer to hit snowy Canada!

  6. Great list! Definitely do a post on backpacking camping, too!

    Man, now I just want to get in my car and go camp somewhere.

  7. Great tips, and the pictures are lovely.. Beautiful post.
    Islamic Holiday

  8. Thanks for the list! I would love a post on backpacking! I'm starting to get back to my camping roots. I went a lot as a kid but during my teenage years it was sadly few and far between, so these are the kind of posts I love to read.

  9. Great list! Baby wipes are so great for wiping hands, "washing" your face, and just freshening up in general. I never camp without them!

  10. loooved this little how to. i am obsessed with camping and can't wait to get out there again!

    i'd love to see a post about your backpacking camping also! :)


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