We are huge fans of people who emit a happiness and glow of one who is truly content with life. Those kinds of people inspire us - uplift us - and make us feel good inside! We love that about Tim and Kesh, who I stumbled upon via Instagram and now follow their work in photography as well. Check out their site here. They are pretty fantastic, and travel often with their little one in tote shooting wedding photography. We were incredibly intrigued as to how they managed to do it all with such a wee-one, and with Meggie and her firstborn son ready to embark on a new adventure traveling as a mama, we had to ask how they do it! 

1. Tell us about your little one! 
My little boy Roo is 8 and a half months old. He makes everyone smile, all day. We can walk into a room of cranky strangers and within seconds he has them melted to mush with his beautiful smiles and hilarious laugh. He is a real character, full of crazy baby talk and funny faces, fake coughs and the most entertaining put-on machine gun laugh. We've been travelling all around Australia since he was weeks old and have recently made our first trip overseas to the States (which is a 14 hour flight from Sydney!)
2. What's in the bags?! Tell us about how you tackle packing for each trip. 
Packing, we have finally gotten this down to a bit of an art. It took a few trips to work out what was necessary for us to bring, what could be bought on the road and what could stay at home. Travelling domestically we check in one  bag and carry on two. Tim always carries on his camera bag, which also has all of our important things like wallets, phones, travel documents and keys and I have a bag with all Roo's essentials for the flight.

The carry-on essential Roo bag goes like this...

Nappies (diapers). I pack only the amount I will need for the flight, plus one to be safe.


Muslin wraps. Muslin wraps are the incredible million use tool! They'll be a bib, pillow, blanket, change mat, sun shade, comforter, wrap, privacy sheet... Etc whatever you need them to be! I pack two, one for the dirty stuff and one for the clean stuff.

Dummy/binky/soother essential if your baby takes them. Great for take off and landing when little ears feel the pressure change and need something to suck. I pack two to be safe. If one drops on the floor just ask the flight attendant to run it under some boiling water for you, they will be super happy to help.

Boobs/bottle with formula. Now, it is hard to forget to pack your boobs so I probably didn't need to mention it but just like the dummy, feeding for take off and landing works a treat to keep baby settled and free from painful popping ears. So get that bottle warmed by the flight attendants before takeoff or get your boob ready to go in the baby's mouth just as you lift off. A great thing too is that usually the combo of motion, jet noise and feeding puts the little one straight to sleep.

Food if your baby is on solids. I loooove, like can't rave enough about those squeeze packs of baby food. Ella's is my favourite brand cause they are actually 100% organic (lots say they are but they're not), easy to find at most grocery stores and Roo really likes all of the different flavors. Baby items are exempt from the liquid allowance for air travel which includes drink, milk, pre-packaged food and medication. They still like you to keep the individual liquid amount to under 4 oz. or 100ml. Some airports don't take a second look at any baby related and some are still paranoid so check with your airline before you head off on the specific requirements of your airport security.

Toys. If your baby has a favourite one, make sure to throw it in the bag. There might be times when you are stuck in your seat longer than you want while the seatbelt sign is on.

Change of clothes. I always dress Roo in the most comfortable onsie he owns for flights and pack an extra in the carry on just in case of emergency, if you know what I mean.

That's all for carry on :) after all our travelling everything else for us in non-essential.
As for checked luggage I always pack just a few extras of the things mentioned above nappies,wipes etc. We always travel with our own port-a-cot (travel crib) we invested in an awesome one that is really light and so so so easy to set up, it was pretty exy but totally worth the money. We also travel everywhere with our pram, ergobaby carrier and a ring sling.

Lately, on our long flights where we know we'll have a bit of waiting around in the terminal we have been checking our pram at the gate. When you check in mention that you'd like to check it at the gate and you can keep baby in right up until you board! Genius! The only time this is a bit annoying is at the scanning machines… If don't check the pram at the gate I keep Roo in the ring sling. The ring sling (I use Sakura Bloom, so so beautiful) is awesome because it takes literally two seconds to get him in and out at the scanning machines and I can carry him right onto the plane without getting sore arms.

Everything tends to fit in the bag pretty easy, lucky that babies have teeny, tiny clothes!
3. What is the hardest thing about traveling with littles?
The hardest thing about travelling with a little one is that everything takes longer. You just have to adjust your timing. Allow extra, extra time to get to the airport/ driving time if you road tripping. There are often bum change stops right when it is least convenient so you have to allow time. If you've got time it's really fun and totally enjoyable but if you're running late you are guaranteed to be stressed out of your brain and I'll bet baby gets stressed too.
4. If there was one thing you as a mother could absolutely not travel without, what would it be?
As a Mum, I could not travel without my baby. As much as it would totally be easier without him, I would hate it. Missing him would cause way more stress than bringing him along. But as far as 'things' go, I always, always need my wallet. You can buy anything you forget, seriously but if you forget your wallet you're kinda screwed.
5. How has traveling changed since you had a baby?
Travelling has become a lot more considered. I used to just book whatever flight was cheapest or leave whenever we felt like it but now that we have Roo travel takes more planning. We haven't stopped or slowed down the amount we travel at all, we just are aware of what's best for Roo and have changed to suit him. No more late nights, a lot more sunrises :) Travelling has changed for the better, it is so much more full now we have Roo and soooooo much more fun.
Thanks for teaching us your ways, Kesh and Tim! You guys are our heroes. 

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  1. Phew! Sounds like a lot of work, but looks like you've got it under control :) Good for you taking him with you all the time. I know lots of people would think it wasn't work it, but you've showed us that it is.

  2. he is soo cute, and great tips about traveling with kids! :)

  3. The Coulsons are such an adorably cute family. Kesh kills it as a momma.

  4. Love Kesh, Love Roo, Love the Coulsons and so happy you decided to feature them! I need to bookmark this for when I feel brave enough to start traveling with my littles... such good advice! xo

  5. You have set an example for those people who thinks that traveling with kids is the hardest job in this world. The way you have carried all the things is wonderful. I am little jealous of you ;) , I wish I could also take my kid with me. We have just booked a cheap flight ticket to Athens, although departure date is 2 months later but just to get flights at cheaper cost we have booked in advance. Thanks for the wonderful blog.


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