Destination: Freak Alley / Location: Boise, Idaho

As you may know, we grew up in Caldwell- a small town outside of Boise. After all these years we didn't know about Freak Alley until recently. I took Lisa the other day and she loved it! Located between 8th and 9th Streets off Bannock Street, Freak Alley is known for its graffiti and murals. Each year around August local painters take on this huge mural project displaying public art on the walls and buildings, hoping to fill it in as much as possible. Freak Alley is second to the Boise Mural Art Project, where artists turned a parking garage into a museum. I guess Boise does have an art scene. Take a look for yourself if you're ever in the area. Downtown Boise has more to offer than one might think!
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2 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. it is sounds like an interesting place.

  2. Wow, cool. I like that the wall is repainted each year too!


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