Lisa, Megan, Kylie

Gimme that Coke, you hog! 
Totally normal triplet behavior... this could've been a great Spring Coca-Cola ad in the 80s.
Lisa, why aren't you interested? Oh, right...your doll...

I don't know about you, but we've got a major case of Spring fever over here. 
The days are a little longer and suddenly we are all shopping for swimsuits.
What's happening?! It's never too early to dream, is it?!

This weekend is looking like all sunshine and roses in California, 
so I plan on soaking it up and having myself a pic-nic on the beach. 
It's not quite summer weather yet, but I'll take what I can get. I'll be running a race
on Saturday morning, and then checking out the surf on my way back.
Maybe we'll get lucky and the sun will warm up the sand for us. 

Meanwhile, while I'm turning blue from the cold water the only blue Lisa will see
is when she opens her eyes under the most perfect Hawaiian water. 
Warm water, too (why did we leave again, Meg?) Speaking of, lil Megan 
will be snuggled up with Van-man in the early Spring chill of Idaho. 
Maybe she'll be lucky enough that the sun will shine and those brave Idahoans 
will bust out their shorts and tee-shirts. I know I did at this time growing up!
"What, pa? You say it'll be 50 degrees tomorrow with a chance of sunshine?!" 
...Frantically digs through drawers for cutest pair of shorts..with flowers on it, of course. 

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