The whole Fly family! Bridger, Chase, Jedd, Lisa, Megan, Kylie, dad circa 1990

Meet the Fly family! Here we all are as wee-ones. That's our oldest brother, Bridger, in the front. Then there's Chase, Jedd, Lisa, Megan and I with our dad. The three of us were color-coded, which helped everybody to know who was who. We love to camp and we grew up doing it. It was one of those things that was free and very family-friendly for the whole loot of us! Camp vibes are still in our blood.

One of the most frequent comments at my personal blog is the fact that I'm always getting out, exploring and enjoying nature. I owe that all to my parents and the love for outdoors they instilled in me at a young age. If you're like our Megan and just starting a new little family, or maybe even have a few lil tikes in tote already - camping is a great way to get out and see something new without breaking the bank. It also teaches you to live simply and enjoy what the earth has provided us with, naturally. It's a great way to unwind and to sort of re-evaluate things in your life. Being outside has always been my escape, and I know my sisters can agree in their own lives as well.

Traditions are born within the family. While camping was among ours, there are a ton more as random as planting our own garden vegetables or flowers in the Spring and eating summer sausage, cheese and Chicken-n-a-Bisquit crackers with bowls of ice-cream on Friday at-home movie nights. With Spring approaching, and March already here (!) we've been thinking of those things that have made our lives so special and full of love, that make us feel lucky and blessed. 

What are some of your traditions that make life so great?

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  2. That pic is so great. Cheers to your parents for embracing camping with all those little ones!


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