Big brother Bridger taking the three of us for a Springtime stroll circa 1988 (Kylie, Lisa, Megan)

Staying at home for Spring Break?
Don't have a Spring Break at all?
We get that.

Take a stroll down the block, anyway. 
Go look for something new - something you haven't noticed before!
Sometimes we forget to explore the very places we live, 
and it might surprise you what you find!

I mean, look! 
Triplets in bonnets!
Don't see that every day...

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7 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Can you tell yourselves apart in your baby photos when you have the same outfits on?

    1. yes, we can! we know our own faces and distinct differences :)

  2. Did you always sit in the same order? Or did Lisa and Megan always have to stare at the back of the other seat? I love this photo! Especially, how Kylie's all maxed out, bored with her awesome view and how Lisa looks like she's up to no good, and how Megan is trying to make a break for it. Love this.

    1. haha, honestly i'm not sure if we were always in order. i kind of doubt it, but then again maybe it made it easier! knowing us though, we always made everything was fair by rotating ;)


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