Every year in February, professional surfers from Hawaii along with the worlds top surfers, compete in a contest called the Pipe Pro which is hosted by Volcom. The top 8 surfers from this competition get to surf in the next years Billabong Pipe Masters competition in December. This is a huge opportunity for each surfer's career and a life time dream for many of them.

In this event, there are four surfers in each heat. Surfers are rated on a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfect, for each wave they catch. The top two of each heat advance to the next round. This process continues until there are four surfers left, where they will surf against each other in the final heat, leaving one winner. This year it was John John Florence who won for the third year in a row. Needless to say, this guy shreds. And not to mention, he is a North Shore local who I have often seen on the beach, at the skatepark, and local grocery store.

I was lucky enough to swing by the first day of the contest and watch the last couple heats. Being married to a surfer who is religious in watching every single competition online if not attending, I have picked up on a thing or two and grown to love surf contests. Give it a try! Plus, what's not to love about relaxing on the beach and watching some of the best surfing in the world "for free". Not many things you can say that about. Don't miss out!

More surf contest information and dates HERE.

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3 comments on VOLCOM PIPE PRO

  1. Looks great! Will for sure check out the Rip Curl Pro this year at Bells Beach, Australia! Cant wait!!
    Kristina x

  2. Gorgeous photos!
    Following you :)



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