Destination: Lanikai Pillboxes, Kailua, HI (Oahu) / Activity: Hiking / Duration: 20-30 minutes 

This family-friendly hike is gorgeous and perfectly safe for children! It's a moderate challenge, mostly up hill but quite short and commonly used by trail runners. At the top you will come to a series of 3 different pillboxes, creating a perfect lookout of Kailua and the Mokulua islands (twin islands).  These islands are well known for their beauty - just look at that view! You can paddle out to the left island on kayak or a surfboard, and even catch a couple waves if you're lucky.  With a beautiful sandbar making you feel like you own the place, the backside of this island is a gorgeous cove and great spot for cliff jumping. With views like this, you wonder why anyone ever leaves Oahu.

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  1. This looks pretty stunning. What do they mean by pillboxes though?

    1. pillboxes are just cement bunkers that were used during the war, kind of like look out protection towers. now they are all covered with graffitti and used just for look outs.

  2. Just did this hike in July! It's lovely!

  3. I think I will have to try this hike when I am back on the island in August, but I do love the Moks...great to paddle to! What great views of the island! Thanks Lisa!!


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