Today we want to introduce you to some of our friends! We love Mike and Janis. I (Kylie) had the opportunity to meet them when they visited LA from their home in Canada, en route to their new home in South Korea. They have been a favorite blog of mine for years now, and it was just such a blessing to meet in real life. Currently they're teaching at a school in Korea and having the time of their lives traveling around the neighboring countries in their free time. Be sure to pop over to their blog My Suitcase Heart when you get a chance and say hello!
1. What is your travel muse? (Mike) We've really enjoyed looking for similarities and differences between the different asian countries we've visited (Korea/Vietnam/Cambodia/the Philippines) comparing and contrasting the languages, alphabets, personalities, religions, and appearances. There is such variety regardless of how small and close the countries are to each other.
2. What is your favorite thing about the Philippines? (Janis) We LOVED the beaches and crystal clear water. We also enjoyed the warm sunshine and fresh fruit. Fruit is pretty expensive in korea, so it's a real treat to eat mangos all day. People were also so friendly and helpful. We really appreciated that!

3. What kind of a budget do you typically travel with, and how does that impact your travel plans? (Janis) We typically don't hammer out a set budget. I do a lot of research into accommodations so we can get the most bang for our buck. We don't stay usually at super cheap backpacker hostels, but we don't stay at fancy hotels either. On this trip, the second boat trip (to banana island etc) we did was a bit more expensive, but because it was such a short trip, we decided to spring for it. #yolo (Mike chimes in) with that being said, it was still only $23/person

4. What kinds of activities did you do, and which would you recommend? (Janis) Our first full day there, we did a boat trip that visited Bulungan beach, Hidden Lagoons, Kayangan lake, Twin peaks reef and Cyc islands. It cost 650 pesos (about $16) and included a great lunch. We visited a lot of nice snorkelling spots. Our second day we walked around town, climbed Mount Tapyas for the sunset, and visited Manquit Hot Springs. Our third day, we did a boat trip to Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Isla Bulog. It was about $23 and included lunch as well. I would recommend all of it! We liked having a day in between the two boat trips because it was nice to sleep in and take it easy one day. Coron doesn't have any beaches itself, so it's absolutely worth it to go on these boat trips. The beaches are just phenomenal! Also, Seadive resort in town has a great restaurant and was a fabulous place to catch a sunset.
5. Tell us about the FOOD! (Mike) The meals that the tour companies cooked on the boats were amazing. Large feasts of seafood, pork chops, rice, seaweed salads and fruit. We also enjoyed pancit (filipino noodles) and as previously mentioned, we constantly filled out stomachs with fruit. We also tried Halo-Halo which is shaved ice, evaporated milk, boiled kidney beans(!), fruit and topped with what looked to be crushed corn flakes. Living in South Korea where most meals lack desirable taste (unless you're into the fermented thing) and where fruit costs a small fortune, you really start to appreciate the amazing food that most countries on this side of the world have to offer!
6. If you had to sum up your trip in three words, what would they be? Relaxing, sunny, mangos!

Thanks, Mike & Janis for sharing your adventures in such a beautiful paradise with us! Our time in the Philippines was brief, so we enjoyed this overview of such a beautiful country. Now we're all itching for summer to come already...geesh!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Kylie! We love you two! :)

  2. I love that blog! Great interview.

  3. i think it's sort of rude to say that korean food doesn't have a desirable taste, 'unless you're into that fermented thing'. fermented vegetables is a huge staple in korea's food culture. korean food is also full of flavor with fresh vegetables, marinated meats and unique spices. as a korean woman, that comment rubbed me the wrong way.

    1. I can see what you're saying. We didn't mean to offend anyone. While we don't always love the food (to each his own), we really do love the country! :)

  4. Such a beautiful place! Great pictures - sounds like a great trip!
    Kristina x

  5. awesome feature, awesome people!

  6. So sweet to hear more from those two.
    I adore their photos, especially all the traveling.
    I'm getting antsy for an adventure myself.


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