There's a whole lot of this going on right now. 
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Be back soon with updates on camping the coast of CA, 
and of course...meeting this baby Van of ours in Idaho!

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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Great photo!!!! :) How is sweet the little boy!!!! :)

  2. Hey traveling triplets after five years the hubs and I are finally taking our honeymoon!! We are going to Hawaii!! Yay, we will be in Oahu. Just wondering what are your favorite beaches, hikes, and touristy things you like to do? What touristy thing would you leave out? Thanks so much, love the blog!

    1. hi heidi! so stoked for you and your trip to hawaii! we have actually answered all these questions - please check out our FAQ page and refer to #17 for beaches, and #18 for everything else! let us know if that helps!

  3. Thanks so so much Traveling Triplets!!! You Three are individually and together so amazing!!! :)


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