Destination: Bangkok, Thailand / Activities: Wat Arun and the Grand Palace / Price: $4-6

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts! Bangkok is always on the move. With ancient temples, shopping malls, and food stalls up the wazoo Bangkok is a busy place. The Grand Palace is one of Bangkok's most popular destinations, where the King visits for ceremonial occassions. There are four buildings open to public, one of which includes the notorious golden Reclining Buddha. 

Wat Arun is a temple made up entirely of mosaic porcelain tiles. I remember feeling incredibly intrigued as I studied the bits and pieces of broken plates that covered the entire structure. The tiles were left behind by Chinese merchant ships that didn't need them anymore. When we visited Thailand in 2009, we saw a lot of beautiful things and places but I wasn't really blogging back here I am, now.

Destination: Ko Chang, Thailand / Accommodation: Tiger Huts / Price: $12 beach front bungalow

Ko Chang is growing in popularity and an awesome beach destination. Reachable only by ferry, this island boasts mountainous waterfalls, zipping scooters, white sand beaches and sand dollar-filled clear waters. Ko Chang also means "Elephant Island," which we did plenty of riding elephants as seen here! We spent many days (literally) just laying on the beach, catching sun rays, reading books and swimming in the warm warm water. If we got a little bored, we would take up Thai cooking classes as described here. Thailand is one of those places we're itching to go back. Heaven on earth, I tell you! 

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4 comments on BANGKOK & KOH CHANG

  1. ever since i lived in china, and thailand was so very close to me, i've been craving a trip there! these pictures make if even worse ;) it's very high up on my travel list. like top 3. ugh i want to go now. love this post!

    1. we lived in china teaching english, and after that we backpacked all of southeast asia! that's when we did this trip! you really need to.

  2. haha I love these pictures. so awesome.


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