Wooo I'm back (Lisa). Sorry for my MIA status, December I was on the mainland for the first time in ages so was soaking up every bit of it with my family. Some fun news, I went to Mexico! It was rad to say the least, and I will be posting about it soon, don't you worry. And let me tell you, the tacos in Mexico are AMAZING! Eat at all the local places, especially the ones on the streets. If you're a strong advocate for the FDA laws, get over it and culture yourself ;). This taco stand in particular was located in San Quintin and I love how they cook right in front of you. They were seriously the best fish tacos I have ever had and perfect portion sizes. Drooling, seriously . . . good!

So why are tacos better in Mexico you ask?

Here is a little story . . .
As I reflect back on my travels last month, I remember sitting next to the sweetest man on the plane from Hawaii to LA. His name was Elfuego, and he was born and raised in Mexico City. He was traveling home to see his family for the first time in 3 years. Ugh, I can only imagine how hard that must be. I felt like I got to know him pretty well during our 5 hour flight and I found him to be very kind, happy, humble and a loyal family man. Elfuego works hard in Hawaii to make a living to sustain his loved ones back home, an admirable trait.

As we talked about our backgrounds, we had a long chat about authentic Mexican food and the comparisons between American Mexican food and the "real stuff." I was really curious as to what made it so good in Mexico and couldn't wait to eat everything I saw (hehe). As I asked him questions about mexican food back home, his face just lit up. I could tell that cooking was a passion of his and such a big part of who he was as a person. He was proud of his Mexican traditions and ways of cooking and it inspired me to develop the same passion for myself. So in a nut, these were his answers with his cute Mexican accent to my questions of why tacos are better in Mexico.

Because it's Mexico (of course he said that with a smile and deep chuckle).
Cooking is a process, it takes time.
It's something you do amongst family and friends to bring everyone together, doesn't have to be a special occasion.
You take your time, there is no rush. You give the food the time it needs to perfect its flavor (something we lack in America).
You care about what you're making and want it to be "muy bueno".
Tortillas are freshly handmade daily, nothing is processed.
Toppings are garden fresh or recently slaughtered and prepared.
They are spiced to perfection with fresh homemade salsa and sauces.

So there you have it people. Eat tacos in Mexico. And you've been warned, that green stuff on my fish tacos is not guacamole. It's super hot yumminess (not exactly sure). Good thing I love spicy! Oops :)

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  1. Ah yes, all the food stands on Mexican street corners are the best! One of my best memories of living in Mexico was walking to get tortillas every day, I can still recall the smell of the building where they made them, and the candy stores, of course, were my favorite. Oh gosh, I want to go back so bad! Thankfully my mom knows how to make real Mexican food, so I get to eat it more than most people. Oh, and I also remember climbing avocado trees and bringing home bags of avocados. Yumyum!

    1. mmm lucky you! sounds like great memories. gosh i wish i knew about these candy stores! DANG

  2. Oh those look delicious. I definitely know what you mean about "the real thing." It's so much better when it's authentic and fresh. Your friend Elfuego knows his stuff :) Glad you had a great vacation!


  3. Hoooooly cow. That looks so good!

    And I love that. That's one of the biggest things I learned this year in my travels, was to take the opportunities to TALK to people. It's so fun to talk to people about their country and their life and their food and their family and just see them light up. I LOVE it.

    Such a great post. :)

    1. it sure is! im glad i did. sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort zone to truly understand things! thanks for reading!


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