Have you ever been to St. George, Utah? It's kinda a different world down there! St. George is the warmest part of Utah and is known for its red rock desert and history of growing cotton. It prides itself in outdoors and recreation offering skiing, golfing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, and fishing to keep you busy year round. Some people call this a place for the snow-birds (you know, those old folks who like to get away from the snow and escape to warmer climates for the long Utah winters!). It's a really nice place, and I had a lot of fun exploring it for the first time.

I'd have to say that while you're in St. George, you absolutely MUST-MUST-MUST eat at Bear Paw Cafe! Hands down the best pancakes, hot chocolate, bacon, eggs, muffins, biscuits...OK I can go on and on and on...they have the best breakfast EVER! Not to mention the incredibly friendly staff, Bear Paw Cafe won't disappoint and you'll basically have to roll outta there after you stuff yourself with yummy-ness. St. George is a quaint little town with lots of art and history. It's not a bad idea to check it out sometime!

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3 comments on ST. GEORGE, UTAH

  1. These photos are fantastic! I need to get out West to see what it has to offer.

  2. i'm surprised you haven't been to st george before! i would've guessed you would've all hiked that red rock a million times already :) coming from a girl who grew up (and still lives) in SLC, st george is definitely a warmer retreat, and we love it!


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