Now that the baby is outta that tummy, today I'm on my way to visit Megan 
and help her with new baby boy Van! I can't wait to meet my newest nephew 
and to hug and squeeze those lil arms and kiss those kissable cheekies! 
He is just darling. I will be in Idaho helping Megan out, as she had surgery 
and is still in recovery mode. I'll check in when I can and  we'll keep 
posts coming about our latest adventures! Have a wonderful week!

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5 comments on SEE YOU SOON!

  1. Such lucky ladies to have not one but two sisters for that lifelong friendship! And Van is a little heartbreaker already. Enjoy your time together :) Cant wait to see the photos! xo Sara

  2. so jealous you get to cuddle a brand new baby :) and to megan - be sure to get as much napping in as you possibly can while you have someone else to watch baby! have fun!

  3. Oh my goodness. I cannot WAIT to see photos of that sweet baby.

    You are such a good sister. You all are!

    Annnnd. Brand new babies are heavenly.

  4. JEALOUS, green with envyyyyy. this is lisa, oops!


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