Baja California, Mexico. The place with the perfect wave and yummiest tortillas. My husband and I headed down to Mexico after Christmas with his family. They own a house overlooking the beautiful ocean, just steps from some amazing surf. The air was crisp and the breeze was perfect. It was such a treat to be able to spend time there so close to the locals. I saw nothing but smiling faces and curious eyes on all the sweet children playing. The people never failed to give a soft smile and friendly wave followed by an, "Hola."

We spent our time there surfing, exploring, and hiking the volcano. Making the long and bumpy drive to town was well worth the carne asadas and fish tacos. Buying tortillas from the locals in the hot pink house was a dream and good for every meal. There was lots of napping, beach jogging, reading, and relaxing. I don't think anything beats a trip like this right after the busy holidays.

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2 comments on MEXICO

  1. I JUST put 1 and 2 together. Even though we met back at the rental in Oct, I'm just now understanding that you and Lindsay are SIL's! RONDOS. I'M SO SMART! haha.. jealous of your Baja trip. Baja is so good for the soul. My family has a house at K38, and I miss it something fierce. (:

    1. haha i remember meeting you. i thought i told you we were related? oops! owell glad you made the connection. ya baja is rad, i wanna go back. it was so relaxing!


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