Tomorrow is the big day! I'm having my baby! My c-section is scheduled for tomorrow morning and my hospital bag is packed. Not sure what to pack? Or maybe it's your first baby? Me too. This is a collection to help get you started. There's something for mama, daddy, and baby!

Since I am having a c-section it was recommended to me to wear robes, night gowns, or anything that won't put pressure on my incision. I packed a couple nursing and sleeping bras for my mama nursing boobies! I heard nipple cream is expensive in the hospital and not always provided, so I packed some. I also packed my toiletries, a cozy pair of slippers, and my baby journal to jot down special first moments with baby.

For daddy, we packed an extra pair of clothes for him to change into and a tooth brush since he will be staying over night with us after the surgery. He is also in charge of documenting it all and notifying our family and friends about the baby, so a camera and cell phone are must haves. Then of course snacks for when he gets the munchies.

Packing for baby was of course my favorite part. A cute going home outfit to keep him warm during his short trip from the hospital to the car, some scratch mittens so he doesn't scratch his cute little face or mama while nursing, and a hat to keep his head warm. My husband always wondered if the hospital provides baby hats, and when they are newborn I think they do. Just in case we packed a few things to keep him warm including a blanket and obviously- the car seat.

Among other things, these are the most important items for the hospital bag. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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  1. yayayayay baby! so exciting:-) and yes, the hospital will provide those sweet teeny tiny little striped hats! xoxo

  2. yay its perfect megs i love this! CANT WAIT YOU WILL DO GREAT! baby boy coming soon :) xoxox

  3. YAY!! this is so exciting it gave me shivers :)
    Sweet little baby will be snug in those clothes soon!!

  4. Yayay! I canNOT wait to see him. He's gonna be so adorable. Our birthdays will be five days apart! Best of luck to you and yours. Y'all will be in my prayers. xx | Natalia.

  5. WOW!!! that is so exciting!!! I'm excited and I'm not even having the baby! I'm sure he'll be beautiful!!!!!

  6. Wooow very exciting. Good luck!


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