san diego, one of the most beautiful places on earth. palm trees, sunshine, beaches, surf, good food, and lots of shopping. cliche but true. if you ever find yourself visiting, here is a list of things we recommend you checking out to get a good feel of the city.

go surf. surfing is awesome and one of the top reasons san diego residents love where they live, especially my husband. if you haven't tried, try. you will be so happy i promise! there is a reason they call surfing a lifestyle and not a hobby. it truly changes your outlook on life and is a great way to chill and be in your own realm. finding a board rental place is easy (they're everywhere) and its not hard to find small rollers (baby waves). try cardiff or stonesteps! just make sure you have a wet suit and booties, brrrr i'm a wuss! oh, and if surfing really isn't your thing, go on a nice beach walk or refreshing jog. they have perfectly flat long hard packed beaches with lots of pretty sea shells to collect and paint later.

the zoo. it's $44 for an adult day pass and $34 for a child day pass and well worth it. the san diego zoo is one of the largest exhibits in the world, with an awesome array of crazy animals. don't forget to make the best of your visit through special excursions, educational programs, guided tours, animal interactions, a sleepover, or hold a catered event. some serious partying available i tell you! oh and the best part, enjoy riding the skyfari aerial tram to and from either side of the park!

the whaley house. for only $6 go on a guided or self-guided tour through the historic whaley house museum in old town san diego. it's nothing short of creepy with lots of dolls, antique furniture and supposedly g h o s t s from it's historical dark past.

old town san diego. uh, best mexican food i have ever had. go to one of the restaurants here, you won't be sorry. they're all good, don't be picky. and they have an awesome old school candy store. go i tell you!

the mormon batallion.  welcome to everyone, this is always a peaceful place to visit since there is no visiting center by the temple in san diego. lds or not, feel free to stop by and learn a touching story about a group of latter-day saints that joined the US army in the trek from iowa to san diego. and don't forget to check out the view of the city from the tower. this is located in old town san diego as well.

la jolla. known as the "jewel" of san diego, make sure you check out the beautiful beaches of la jolla and get lots of silly pictures of the seals. also, feel free to rent a kayak to explore the coastline and caves!

hotel del coronado. come check out this beautiful historic hotel built in 1888. feel free to book a room and enjoy your stay at this beautiful beach resort. it's perfect for a romantic getaway or a much needed family vacation. coronado island is a beautiful place to visit, relax, and spoil yourself.

torrey pines. into the outdoors like us? visit torrey pines. come to enjoy the stunning overlooks, go on a peaceful nature walk, exercise in a clean beautiful environment, or simply just to get away. don't forget to stop by the visiting center!

oh also, a little shopping at fashion valley could never hurt anyone (wink). hope you visit soon!

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  1. ohh love san diego! if I am ever out there again I will definitely check out more of this! I've been to old town (so cool) and the hotel del coronado! one of my favorite places I have been!

  2. old town and la jolla are always on the list when we go to san diego. but we've yet to visit the zoo. i think it'll be on the list for the next visit :)


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