With 2013 upon us, we thought we'd check in to see how we're doing. Here at Traveling Triplets we're ever-evolving. We try to come up with new ideas and to keep things interesting. We share silly stories and make silly videos. Our main goal is to share our adventures with you all, and to stay in touch with each other as triplet sisters who live apart. 

We hope that when you visit Traveling Triplets blog, that you feel a little inspired to get out and explore the world and do something that may make you uncomfortable! That's when we learn to grow more than we would when things are smooth sailing. We even want you to try new things in the kitchen with our Tasty Tuesdays, and get a little giggle from our vlogs and Freaky Friday posts as we share little triplet details from our daily lives. 

As we enter the new year, we'd like to make 2013 even better than the last. This is where we need your help. Please, feel free to leave a comment below answering any or all of the following questions: 

1. What is your favorite part about Traveling Triplets blog?
2. What is your least favorite thing about Traveling Triplets blog?
3. What do you wish we would do, and we just don't?!
4. Do you watch our vlogs? Why or why not?
5. Lastly, what do you want to see more of? 


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21 comments on CHECKING IN

  1. I LOVE YOUR VLOGS! They're my favorite. Caiden and I watch them together and he giggles. I would love to see more videos. I'd love some more guest posts, maybe from people who live abroad and can give some local insight into the places on my life's bucket list. Maybe poll your readers to see what the top 5 places people want to visit some day and take it from there? I'm always looking for local advice on places because I love being immersed in the culture. I love all your photos and love reading this blog! It makes me itch to travel and see the world!

    1. thanks for your tips, chelsey! we really appreciate it. xo

  2. Love the vlogs. My all time fav was when you interviewed your mom. It would be cool to hear more stories about raising triplets from her! Im not a big fan of the tasty Tuesdays, maybe that's just me... But there are just a million places to get recipes from. Another of my fav sites is atlas obscura. They post about random off the wall places all over the world. It would be cool if you guys posted about things/ places like that in your travels, or places you live.. taking advantage of the city you live in... I.e tour a candy factory.. Haunted building tour.. Weird museums.. . Love the blog. Keep it up!

    1. thanks julie! we plan to do a mother's day special with our mumsy again! :) she's the best. we're making some changes with tasty tuesdays, and you'll see that too :) thanks so much for your insight, we are excited to keep exploring locally! xo

  3. love TT. you guys do a great job! I love the vlogs... they are really fun and a fun change to reading a post. i love to see you guys explore locally to where you live too! it provides some fun ideas for when/if i travel to that area.

    happy new year!

  4. I have been a big fan of TT for a long time. I always love your sisterly energy and how you get out and try new things and don't break the bank, it's great. But lately I feel like you've lost some of your energy for blogging. It's missing that passion for travel that I've always been such a fan of.
    I always love the How To posts, they're interesting and informative. I like the guest posting, it introduced me to new and interesting places and blogs to check out. I love it when you get a little more personal and let us in on your dreams and aspirations.
    I'm not a super big fan of Tasty Tuesday. If it were more local recipes from countries you've traveled to, that a local taught you to make, that would be awesome.
    ^I agree with the previous bloggers about digging deeper into your local areas. It would be cool to get the inside scoop.
    Anyway, just my two cents. You guys are great, keep up the good work!

  5. 1)all of it?
    2)See above.
    3)More recipes from other countries. More about anything you learned or felt while you were there.
    4)Yes, they usually make me giggle.
    5)Lisa, she's been kinda MIA for a while.

    1. we will definitely be sharing recipes from our own travel experiences! thank you! xo

  6. I probably have never left a comment in these previous entries you guys have made, but this time I wont go silent on this one!

    well well.. I am Deaf actually it would be kinda cool if you guys could sign ABC, sorta do some visual gesture video for each of you, since Sign Language is mainly about expressing your self as an individual person, since there are three of you.. it would be cool to see what each of you like to express.

    1) I absolutely love tasty tuesdays, especially the healthy recipes!
    2) Not alot of posts lately! I understand everyone is usually busy with life.. but itd be nice if we could see more posts!
    3) I think I already answered that in the above!
    4) I don't watch your vlogs because I can't keep up reading your lips the whole ten minutes of your vlogs!!
    5) more of DIY projects!

    1. thanks so much for stopping in to say hello! :) we love having interesting readers and it sounds like you add an entirely new dynamic for us. thanks for your kind words! :)

  7. I loved the vlogs! I looked forward to them all week! I follow all of your other blogs, so I feel like I get to know you guys better from there. Others may not know about maybe direct them that way....or do the same type of posts on here..?? Either way, no matter what ya'll do, you'll always have me as a fan!

  8. Also, I'd love to know your favorite types of music! Your videos always have the neatest (mostly unknown to me) songs! Share! :)

  9. 1. You three! I love you girls.
    2. Sometimes I feel like you advertise for your companies too much.
    3. More posts please!
    4. I LOVE your vlogs. They showcase each one of your personalities so well and really let us get to know you.
    5. I would love to see older pictures of you and learn more about your childhoods and teenage years.

  10. also I really prefer the old layout/font

  11. I love Traveling Triplets!!

    1. Seeing your travels and the vlogs (so fun seeing you three interacting)!
    2. Not exactly sure...
    3. I would like to see more pre-excursion/prep stuff, how do you find the awesome places/thing-to-do within your destination? How do you land these awesome volunteer gigs?
    4. Of course I do! See answer 1
    5. See answer 3, please.

    1. that is a great tip, bobby/kristen. we will definitely focus more on the pre-excursion prep before we go places. that is a great idea. as for the volunteer gigs - i have addressed this question and will direct you to our "FAQ" page. the link can be found on the right sidebar. thanks! xo

  12. 1. Vlogs are the best!
    2. I like everything - no changes for me
    3. I'd like to see more tips and tricks for traveling on a budget. And I'd like to see what a day in the life of a triplet is - what your jobs are, what you do for fun, what and where you eat, everything!
    4. Duh. They are hilarious! And it's fun to see a glimpse of your personalities.
    5. I always love any videos you post.

  13. 1) pictures from the places you have travelled and vlogs!
    2) tasty tuesday and advertising of your companies
    3) recommend affordable cameras, backpacks etc. and also maybe post about volunteer abroad opportunities you come across online? and not just humanitarian work, instead animals or the environment. I know kylie has done many of these types of trips, and i'm always soo curious how she did! all of the ones I come across online you have to pay an arm and a leg for only a week long trip, excluding flights.
    4) YES! love
    5) travel pics

  14. thank you so much celeste! we'll keep it coming! xo

  15. I love the vlogs! and pictures and stories from your travels. Everyday life I would like to see more of! Amazing blog! Keep up the great work :)


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