It's nice splitting everything down the middle, again. 
Although we're used to doing everything in thirds, Lee Lee and I have been sharing everything
from sprees to shoes to outfits and hot chocolates. We really love each other. 
Megs, you're here in spirit - especially when we shove blankets in our shirts and act preggo.

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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. love those purple vans. the color is awesome. and sprees are my fave. so is stuffing blankets in my shirt to imitate preggo people. so I like this. oh and I love all your pictures on Instagram. xx

  2. haha someone got all the red ones! i miss you guys and wish i could join! so glad we all got to visit each other this year :) LOVE YOU!

  3. where are those brown shoes from? i am loving them.


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