Destination: The Berry Ranch / Location: Nampa, Idaho / Cost: Free

This was probably the cutest little pumpkin patch I have ever been to for a photo session. They have all sorts of fun pumpkins that would be great for carving or decoration. This place closed at 6 pm, but they were kind enough to let me walk around and snap a few pictures. I will be coming back tomorrow to catch a hay ride, but it won't be my last stop at the pumpkin patch this year. I still gotta get myself a pumpkin to carve!

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6 comments on THE BERRY RANCH

  1. "for the health of it" it ;)

    I love the variations of those pumpkins! Warty ones are my fave...well, maybe tied with the white ones. :) Have fun on that hay ride tomorrow!

  2. Gorgeous picture!! That's so nice that they let you stay late. I especially like the pumpkin with all the little warts on it. Guess I'm a sucker for the deformed ones ha!

    Happy Wednesday! xo

  3. So cute! I love those ghost pumpkins! So creepy. :)

  4. cute megs, great pic! i still need to get to a dang patch. i need to carve, paint, and bake with pumpkins! we're going on the 27th. ehh hope its not too late.

  5. LOVE this meg! SUCH GOOD PICS! very lovely it is it is!

  6. we live in idaho & love the berry ranch - if you are pressed for time, walmart carries their pumpkins {at least the walmart at state & glenwood} AND they donated all of the pumpkins we needed for this craft : )


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