We made caramel apples. It's easy. All you need are caramels, apples, sticks, and toppings!

Step 1: melt caramels on stove top or microwave until smooth

Step 2: remove stems and poke sticks in end of apples

Step 3: roll apples in caramel mixture or pour over top, then sprinkle on toppings while still hot. 

Step 4: refrigerate for 1 hour and enjoy!

My caramel apples were nothing near pretty, but they tasted delicious! Your friends and family will be impressed and it is a fun activity to do together. Plus, it just might make you feel better than eating a big piece of chocolate cake. At least that's what my grandma thinks.

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4 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. mmmm, those look DELISH!

    Rachel Nicole


  2. haha they look great and equally tasty!! :p

    <3 kelly elizabeth


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