Kylie, triplet #1
Lisa, triplet #2
Sarong: c/o L-Atitude  /  Origin: Kenya  / Megan: triplet #3

L-Atitude is a global style company that is determined to uncover style from every corner of the world. We like that idea, because HEY! travel is kinda our thing. When L-Atitude invited us here at Traveling Triplets to enter a contest on how to "show and tell" the different ways to wear a sarong, we jumped right on that wagon and gave it a shot.

This particular sarong is from Kenya! It was fun being challenged with a new article of clothing to find a creative way to wear it depending on your "environment." I went for a more Fall look, with it wrapped as a cowl/scarf for a night in the city here in Los Angeles, while Lisa went traditional wrapping it over her bathing suit in Hawaii. Megan, our adorable pregnant sister, went for a flattering look for even the baby-bump-wearers of the world and wrapped it as a vest. The really great thing about sarongs is you can do like 1 million things with them. OK maybe not that many, but there are a lot and these are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Stop by L-Atitude's blog and check out their shop to get your goodies from around the world. And in case you have forgotten, our Etsy shop has awesome travel goodies from around the world for sale AND a portion of every profit is donated to people in need in third world countries. If that's not a cause worth supporting, I don't know what is! Look good, and do good? We like that. Plus, if you're a follower of our blog you get a discount. Check it out!

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3 comments on HOW TO: WEAR A SARONG

  1. :O You guys did the looks effortlessly! Look at Meg with that baby bump, rocking it mama style <3
    Ky & Lisa, you guys just know how to incorporate style with your adventures.

    Very much enjoyed this

  2. That is such a cool idea. love them all!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


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