Happy Friday, everyone!

We hope you're all joining our Instagram/Blog challenge
We love seeing what you all have to share on Instagram with our hashtag #ttfallbucketlist, but we'd like to see a lot more! If you're blogging it - please send us a link (as a comment) and we'll share your bucket list accomplishments in our next post! 

As for us, we've been having lots of fun ticking away our to dos, and up this Friday is our fall date #1.
Each of us did something a little different to give you ideas when it comes your turn. 
 Kylie and Spence decided to keep things casual by hitting up the nearest coffee shop in downtown LA, our friendly world-wide Starbucks, and couldn't decide between the pumpkin spice frappe or the salted caramel hot chocolate so she ordered both (gulp!). They ended up ordering some warm tomato soup as well, and it was a delicious comfort meal. This particular Starbucks location is in a Barnes and Noble, and per tradition of this duo they spent their date reading books and creeping around the library. 
 Lisa and Chase decided to spend their date night in the comfort of their own Hawaiian abode over a deliciously home-cooked meal. They slurped up crock pot chili (don't worry, recipe is coming) over the flicker of candlelight and probably just sat there and flirted the whole time. You know them. Always mushy gushy. It's nice staying in and cooking together - gives you more time to really learn and grow together as a couple. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a little romantic dinner every now and again.
Megan and Drew went to one of Idaho's delicious restaurants, Cracker Barrel, a place where the food is Southern-inspired and straight from mama's kitchen. You really can't go wrong with mashed potatoes, vegetables and a slab of pork chop, steak and stewed carrots. Oh and don't forget the follow-up with fresh baked apple pie. Yummy.

Have you gone on a Fall date yet? Tell us about it!

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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. I haven't been on a fall date yet, but I have made plenty of runs to Starbucks! I love pumpkin spiced everything, as well as salted caramel. It's just too good!

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  3. looks super fun!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  4. Looks like some great dates! We went on a scooter ride and had a barbeque for our fall date. You can see it here:

    Fall is just great.

    Lauren @millermemoires


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