destination: malaekahana / location: oahu, hawaii 

living in hawaii, it often seems impossible to experience the beautiful fall season. i decided to find the fall myself, and went to a nearby beach park where i found pretty yellow, brown, orange and even gigantic red leaves! a beautiful fall walk it was, and i daresay i found myself some fall!
destination: the forest / location: stanley, idaho

the hubby and i took a little evening walk to see the pretty leaves change color. of course we brought along our pal jimmy. nothing beats fall walks with your best friends! have a photoshoot with your puppy! it'll make you happy.
destination: mulholland / location: los angeles, california 

nothing beats escaping the city. spence and i took advantage of sunset atop mulholland overlooking the sparkling city lights below. it was nice watching the sky turn from blue to purple to pink and finally fading into a pale orange. we kicked dusty piles of leaves and took advantage of the cooler weather. it's slowly getting to feel more like fall, and we like that. hope you're ticking away at your bucket list, too! 

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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Goodness you 3 live in some gorgeous places! :) I'm about to take my little ones on a walk to collect some leaves for a couple "leaf art" the bucket list! Really helps you get down to business and enjoy the fun festive things about fall. :)

  2. I love love love seeing your 3 different takes on each of your fall list items. It's such a neat way to get different perspectives of different people doing the same things in different places. Loving these posts! :)

  3. wow. love these!
    but i still love the videos lots... ;)

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  4. Love your blog! So cute! Following now :) Check out mine?

  5. I blogged about our nature walk and the leaf art I made! Next on the bucket list agenda...making caramel apples and going to a pumpkin patch :)


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