As promised, the babymoon continued...
 At night the temperature dropped to the perfect degree, just cold enough for you to ease with a mug of hot chocolate. In the morning we crawled out of our warm sleeping bags, careful not to bump our heads on the star painted ceiling, and cranked up the camper stove to cook breakfast. I ate my eggs and bacon peering through a misty window with the reflection of a fantastic case of bed head. What's next on the docket?
 Destination: Red Fish Lodge / Activity: Beach

Can you see my baby bump? We spent the afternoon sun bathing and reading at Red Fish Lake. My husband was forced to go in the freezing water to grab our duck obsessed pup. The water is crystal clear with breathtaking views of the jagged Sawtooths mountains. Nothing beats it. You should go there. Oh, and while you're at it grab an ice-cream cone for only $3.
Destination: Red Fish / Camping: $8 

After a day at the lake we found a new camp spot near Little Red Fish Lake. It was one of very few still open, but with plenty of availabilities. We were allowed to have a fire here, thanks to the hand chopped wood of an old man named Jerry. An evening nature walk was the perfect way to burn daylight and enjoy the beautiful changing colors fall brings. We met a friendly little blue jay who by some miracle didn't seem to bother our dog Jimmy a bit. By nightfall, we had s'mores in our bellies and books to get back to.
 Destination: Stanley Bakery / Breakfast: $9

The Stanley Bakery is one place I loved while living in the Sawtooths. Everything is freshly baked each day, but pastries are first come first serve. By the time we got there we sat down to breakfast. I went with a hot plate of sour dough pancakes that were as big as my head. Talk about to-die-for! Drew went with biscuits and gravy, but kept wishing he got the breakfast burrito. Soon our phones started buzzing with service again and we were reminded that the babymoon was over, and back to reality we were.

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9 comments on BABYMOON PART 2

  1. You look great! What a relaxing babymoon!

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos. And I LOVE the idea of a babymoon! Will have to remember that one! ;)

    Remember to link this up to this week's Travel Party on my blog! Thanks!!

  3. AWEEE SO MANY MEMORIES FLOODED BACK FROM LIVING THERE! i LVOE and miss red fish! best water ever so gorgeous and clear. it is always freezing. gosh i love how you did these in all black and white, and you look gorgeous! love the suit on you, and cant believe your ts are getting short on you cause of the bump haha! such a fun time, glad you went. lets go back together sis and reminese!

    1. and cute bun head! and that bakery is bomb, gosh i wanna go back!

  4. You are such a prego bombshell Megs! Such a perfect babymoon

  5. this sounds like perfection! the babymoon is such a great idea - something every couple should do before having their kidlets!

  6. You are geniuses to do this and I'm so glad that I'm hearing about this now before we have children because I think it's an amazing way to celebrate turning two into three and enjoy some last one on one longterm alone time. fun, fun, fun.

  7. I absolutely loved these posts.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


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