Activity: Pumpkin Patch // Location: Aloun Farms, Kapolei // Price: $1 entry, pumpkin price by size

yep, it's true. . . there are pumpkin patches in hawaii! and thank goodness for that, because i was dying for some fall festivities. finally i got to check off going to a pumpkin patch from the fall bucket list! this patch was in kapolei, over an hour away from where we live. but it was way worth the drive to the other side of the island. it cost $1 to get in and was worth every penny! we got three medium pumpkins and a bunch of goards all for $10. this patch is a winner.

i was so happy here it was rather ridiculous. i felt like i needed a child to have it be even more fun. when i was a nanny this would a been the best to do with the kids. there were adorable children running around in costumes and i couldn't help but smile. this patch was divided into lands: sunflower land, play land, corn land, onion land, pumpkin land, land of the mini goards and pumpkins, etc. it was adorable. a mini carnival for kids, hay rides for $1, sno-cones, fresh lemonade, hot malasadas, and frozen chocolate dipped bananas. can't beat it. this was a good day i tell you. happy fall to us!

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2 comments on ALOUN FARMS

  1. That settles it, Hawaii has everything to make one happy!! Looks so festive and fun :)

  2. mmm malasadas. Leonard's is the best


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