On the docket for today is a treat that transitions from summer to fall, with a chilly kick to cool you off on these late summer days where the heat doesn't seem to wanna beat it. In my part of LA, temperatures have been record high and this was the perfect way to feel Fall-y but not be sweating for it. 

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Yep, I said it. Bomb. This is an American recipe originated from New York and you might have seen it featured in the movie Serendipity, so you can thank them! 

Before you get started, go ahead and start by putting your mugs/cups in the freezer. Give them a few hours, because they'll get a nice frosty glaze and I promise you...
you'll feel way more special with that frosty mug.

The Break Down:

1. Pour 2 cups milk (calls for whole, but I used fat free) into blender
2. Add 4-5 packets of your favorite hot cocoa
3. Combine milk and cocoa well
4. Add 4 cups ice and blend (may add more or less until texture you desire)
5. In a small bowl, beat 2 tablespoons of white sugar with 1 cup heavy whipping cream until whippy
6. Top each glass with whipped cream and chocolate chips (shaved or whole, whichever is fine!)

For a little pizazz, you can sprinkle cinnamon on top as well and use a bendy straw! 
Recipe makes 4 servings, and boy is it delish. 

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4 comments on TASTY TUESDAY

  1. These did not originate from the movie. There is a restaurant in NYC called Serendipity 3. They serve frozen hot chocolate. It was featured in the movie and the movie was called Serendipity. But the drink originated from the restaurant, not the movie. :)

    1. kelly, thanks for the correction. i (megan) knew this, but apparently kylie did not. haha! frozen hot chocolate is the best!


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