Recently we piled in the van with 6 friends and 2 dogs and headed to the Oregon coast. We figured it was the best time to get some surfing in before fall business kicked back in! It was a beautiful weekend!

There are millions of reasons why we love the Oregon coast. Nothing beats the fresh air, green landscape, and misty beaches. Camping isn't always the easiest or cheapest to find, so plan ahead! We learned that the hard way. Here are our top 5 reasons we love the Oregon coast. 

1. Mo's

Need a warm bowl of clam chowder after a chilly surf session? Or maybe just some fish and chips to satisfy your munchies. Mo's is the perfect local restaurant to eat at with ocean views and great customer service. For about $10 a plate fill up your belly with comforting seafood!

2. Tillamook Jerky and Cheese Factory

It's not a trip to Oregon if you don't stop by the jerky outlet or cheese factory. Save dollars at the outlet for your favorite flavor of jerky and even take a piece for your dog! I have always loved going to the cheese factory and sampling all the different kinds of cheeses. You can watch the factory workers make cheese and learn about the process, and end your tour with a Tillamook ice-cream cone! There are so many flavors to choose from none will disappoint!

3. Surf

You can't go to the coast without putting your wetsuit on! Yes, I squeezed my pregnant body into mine to get my surf on. It was misty and chilly some days, sunny and clear other days. We cruised up the PCH surfing different breaks and caught some 3-5 foot swells. If you don't have surf gear check out local surf shops for rentals and be prepared to have the time of your life! I recommend wearing your hood, gloves and booties- it makes the world of a difference.

4. Dog friendly

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you have a four legged friend it is. A lot of beaches on the west coast have strict rules about dogs because of government laws and population, but not in Oregon. These state owned beaches allow you to bring your dogs where they can run free! It's great to meet so many people and their dogs in such a laid back atmosphere. Beaches should be for all to enjoy... including your pet. Oregon knows what's up.

5. Oregon blackberries

Native blackberry bushes line the streets of Oregon. You can stop anywhere during picking season and pick until your heart's content. We ate blackberries the whole drive home and even made a delicious dutch oven cobbler the following day. The bushes are pokey, so be warned and wear jeans. Or if you're like me you can just pick and eat until your fingers turn blue.

If you're in need for spontaneous adventure, a road trip is always a good idea. Any Oregonians out there have other top favorites?

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6 comments on HOW TO: TOP 5 OREGON COAST

  1. Oregon does rock! Love living only an hour away from the coast. Nice getaway from life when you need peace in in your life.

  2. One place I've always wanted to visit still... definitely adding these to my to-do list! :) xx

  3. Our fav spot is the Blue Heron French Cheese Company, it's right in Tillamook and is a small place where you can eat lunch, sample dips and cheeses, and wine taste. They also have animals for the little ones to pets :)

  4. Oregon is so much fun, my husband and I decided that our first summer in Oregon has been the best summer, by far, of our lives.

    We won't be in Oregon for long unfortunately, so we came up with a Oregon Bucket List, do you think that I am missing anything?

  5. Mo's definitely deserves the number 1 spot! This post made me so happy.


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