Kylie: "After graduating in International Cultural Studies, Communications, and Intercultural Peacebuilding I knew my life had changed forever. The things I learned there were more than just scores on papers, feedback on mediations and grades on a transcript - they extended far beyond the classroom and seeped into my daily life. Leaving BYU-Hawaii campus, I knew these things would hold value in my life no matter what career path I chose. 

A creative by trade, I do photography and videography shooting digital stills and films for a sundry of clients. As a graduate with a background in International Cultures and IPB I already had a plan set in motion to continue weaving my academic knowledge and foundation into a creative outlet that helped make some kind of change on any level in the world at large. The media is a powerful tool to change and shape the way people see, think and understand various issues and I took this opportunity to use it for good. 

I am currently running my own small production company with my husband Spencer. We film pretty much everything - from weddings, events and business promos to humanitarian organizations and properties. My efforts to use creative media to alleviate poverty in third world countries may be small and seemingly insignificant in the bigger picture, but as an IPB graduate I learned that all it takes to change the world is to change one person at a time."

Lisa: "I graduated this Spring in Exercise Sports and Science. I have always been interested in the health field because I find the human body amazing, fascinating, powerful, and mysterious. Taking care of the human body, specifically your own body, takes work and knowledge and I know I have gained those things with my education, which I will forever be grateful to. 

I began my college degree studying Health Science with intentions of becoming a dental hygienist. Before my sophomore year began I changed my major to Business Management with a minor in Health. Then again, I changed my major to Nursing with intentions of getting into the program at BYU Idaho. I applied twice to nursing school, but despite my attempts and high GPA I was denied both times. After all of that, I changed my major back to Health Science, confused about what I should go into. Then I did something really crazy and transferred to BYU Hawaii, still clueless about what to study. Here is where I changed my major to Exercise Sports and Science and finally after six long years, I graduated. 

As a recent graduate, I have yet to dive into a career. I definitely work, but nothing glorious. I'm at a point in my life where everything that sounds interesting requires grad school, certifications, programs, and just more schooling. I like the thought of being a surgical technician, nutritionist, or even a doula. Until then, I am doing some soul searching to figure out my path. Wish me luck."

Megan: "I graduated with a degree in Psychology and cluster in Home and Family and Organizational Communication. I didn't have a real plan what to do with it, I just knew I wanted to help people in some way- as cliche as that sounds. In the end I think I have only helped myself. Being curious by nature, I have been teased for overanalyzing and asking too many questions. Perhaps that is why decisions don't come to me easily, but once they do every possible scenario has been closely examined. 

I especially loved studying abnormal psychology and counseling in college, and thought maybe I would take that route. Instead, I picked up crocheting in hopes of making a little money on the side until my husband graduated. Surprised by my sudden craftiness and success I began creating more and more. The ideas never stopped! Now here I am, running Meggie's Love selling handmade accessories. I love being able to work from home and contribute to our household income.

People may criticize me for not using my degree because I didn't go to grad school, sometimes even I do. But sometimes in life you just stumble into a career you would have never thought possible. Sometimes you simply do what you love and get paid for it. But no matter what you decide to do, your education is used in everyday living- it doesn't have to be reserved for the workplace."

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  1. "But no matter what you decide to do, your education is used in everyday living- it doesn't have to be reserved for the workplace."

    Words of wisdom Meg!

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