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Fall officially starts this weekend and it is our most favorite time of the year! Nothing beats the nostalgia and festivities that come with it. I stumbled upon this amazing bucket list to help you dive right into fall! 

Since Lisa lives on an island and Kylie lives in the concrete jungle, I may have to enjoy the leaves and cozy fall trends by myself. Either way, this is a very do-able list for anyone to enjoy no matter where you live.

To keep us on track, we will be checking things off this list weekly and sharing our experiences with you! We hope you can do the same and report back your favorite fall activity. Oh, we are so excited!

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6 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. I'LL SHOW YOU FALL SPIRIT, MEGAN! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE (i'm not yelling so i'm stopping with the caps haha) should know that miss ky fly takes holiday spirit seriously and it will happen whether i live on an island or in the ghettos of LA haha

  2. ooo yes im stoked to do this! do we each pick one or what? text me!

    1. she's gonna email us - we do it all, babe!

  3. I have adopted this bucket list! I'll be doing all of them! I'll post my photos along the way on instagram and hashtag travelingtriplets!

  4. i feel so sad, i wish fall would come to Saudi Arabia!

  5. Well this looks fun...count us in!


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