have you ever heard of a babymoon? if not, let me inform you. a babymoon is a trip parents-to-be take to get some special alone time before the baby comes, sort of like a honeymoon! you can do something fancy and romantic, laid back and luxurious, fun and eccentric, or simple.

we opted for something simple. a bus road trip sounded perfect. we packed our bags, some groceries, and our dog before heading to the sawtooth mountains. i just finished reupholstering, painting, staining, and sewing; so the bus is feeling fresh. perfect timing for a fun little babymoon.

destination: kirkham hot springs / price: $5

remember this place? you might be thinking, "what are you doing in hot water you dummy?" don't worry. i only sat in the medium pools and waded in the hot pools, and either way i wasn't soaking for too long. the river was so low there were tons of pools to choose from varying in temperature. it was perfect really.

destination: smiley creek lodge / dinner: $11

we had to stop by our beloved smiley creek. smiley creek lodge has the best milk shakes ever and new and improved burgers. their prices have jumped quite a bit, but what's a small town gonna do? it was well worth it and the chocolate oreo milkshake did not disappoint. 

destination: smiley creek / activity: camping

after dinner we drove down smiley creek road for a bit into the beautiful woods. there are tons of options to camp in this area for free! we were so excited and it was so beautiful. we parked the bus next to a creek so drew could do some evening tenkara fishing while i crocheted my heart away.

we all snuggled underneath a painted night sky and called it home for the night. talk about happy campers.

to be continued...
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14 comments on BABYMOON PART 1

  1. obsessed, is an understatement. megan - what a PERFECT baby moon with so many "special spots" and memories. very sentimental. i love everything about it. and your photos turned out BOMB dude. good work sissy!

    1. ps jimmys floppy ears in the wind - had me rolling haha

  2. What a fabulous babymoon! You'll be bringing that sweet boy of yours on plenty adventures when he comes. :) But taking advantage of "just the 2 of us" time is smart! :)

    I've never been to natural hot springs, those looked soooooo nice. :) And yay for tasty diners and then a cozy night in the bus.

    Can't wait to see part 2!

  3. Do we get to see more of your baby belly in part 2?? You are so gorgeous!

  4. Just amazing! And everytime I see photos of that VW bus my heart melts.

  5. Love this, so adorable, and the pictures are so beautiful. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  6. So fun! Definitely a perfect reason to go on a trip :)

  7. haha oh megs, you are the cutest baby mama! What an amazing babymoon... definitely taking one when my time comes (+10 year from now hehe).

    PS. Your photos always make me feel like i'm there.... amazing!

  8. Love your pictures! Just found the blog, and I love it. Beautiful post.

  9. Ok after your first bus post a while back i became so envious of the beautiful nature your surrounded by all the time and also ya'll are so stinking cute. I text my boyfriend, who was at work, telling him we too needed to get a bus and just road trip it. you are so inspirational and screams fun times and memories. can't wait until you take the new baby on teh vw bus....SO FUN!

  10. hey megan! your trip looks fabulous and so much fun.
    what lens did you use?

    xo the egg out west.

  11. This is adorable, Megan! I hope you had a really good and enjoyable babymoon! :-)

  12. I have heard a lot about Tankara fly fishing looks pretty fun, congrats on the baby.


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