Location: Payette River, Idaho / Activity: Whitewater Rafting / Price: $40 rental from BSU

A couple weeks ago we got together with a few friends and took advantage of BSU's outdoor program rental rates! We rented a little raft and floated down the Payette river. The float is around 4 hours with plenty of fun rapids to hit along the way. No need for a river guide! We also found some calm parts to swim, rocks to jump off of, and beaches to lay on. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we ended it with a BBQ next to the river under the shade of some pine trees. Corn on the cob never tasted so good. Oh, hi little river otter!

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3 comments on RIVER RAFTING

  1. The river otter is so cute! He got so close!!

  2. looks so fun! gotta love idaho :) and such great pics meg, glad you all had a good time! i miss days like these

  3. Oh how I love that river! From the pics it looks like you did the banks run?


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