Destination: Honolulu Zoo / Activity: looking and learning about cool animals / Prices: Adult $14 Child $6

when traveling some of you may not think to go to the local zoo, and that's totally fine. it may not be everyone's thing. but in my opinion if you have a child or if you're a curious adult, the zoo always makes for a fun activity! for this zoo my husband and i got through the entire thing with some breaks in three hours. it can be a good morning activity with the kids and still leave you with the rest of the day for your other plans. or it can just be fun on one of those days where you just feel like doing something different.

i really enjoyed this zoo and saw plenty of animals i had never seen before. they had: lions, tigers, baboons, monkeys, apes, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, elephants, lizards, fish, tropical birds, all sizes of turtles including one that was bigger than me, aardvarks, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, you name it they had it! and for the keikis (kids) they had a fun little petting zoo full of mini horses, goats, llamas, an ox, and a fish pond. we also stopped for some yummy dippin dots to cool off. and don't forget to visit the gift shop on the way out and get a fun gift like this silly massive turtle!

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1 comments on HONOLULU ZOO

  1. lisa, you crack me up at the zoo. i kinda sorta hate zoos but your enthusiasm makes me smile haha. i even grunted last time, "i'm not going to be a mom that takes my kids to the zoo." but who knows! maybe i will! haha


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