Meet 18 year old triplets. This was our freshman year of college when we were really excited to have new friends and new adventures! Luckily, we all went to the same college (at first)- Brigham Young University of Idaho. It's a small school in a small town with lots to do outdoors. We ended up loving our time there, but only I graduated there with a degree in Psychology.

When we were barely 20 years old, Ky Fly decided to get married. This was a bit of a tragic time in our lives because she broke up the triplet trio. Never had we been separated! Then suddenly she decided to volunteer in China and move to Hawaii when she got back? I was devastated. Happy, but confused what to do with this new found individualism.

So Kylie goes on to Brigham Young University of Hawaii where she eventually graduates with a degree in International Cultural Studies. About a year after Kylie gets married, I (Megan) get married and this is where things got hard! Lisa was left behind, and I didn't want to leave her behind. 

There are some things you just can't control in life. How did we deal with it? We cried. How did we overcome it? Kylie embraced her independence while traveling in Asia. When she came back she was a different person- for the better. When I got married I had to learn how to be the only Fly girl on campus, and reach out to people without the easy assistance of triplet sisters. As for Lisa, she has always been a strong individual, but she just worked really hard and learned a lot about herself. Turns out we were all on our own.

It wasn't until Lisa decided to move to Hawaii that things started to make sense. While there she met her husband and recently graduated with her degree in Exercise Sports and Science. Now she works and roams the beaches of north shore like a little bum while the rest of us pursue our own businesses. 

Currently, we all enjoy traveling and do our best to see each other. This summer we reunited in Hawaii to see Lisa and I recently visited California to see Kylie. You just can't keep us apart! Being married at different times was both exciting and challenging. There was always something to look forward to and something to overcome. But that's life isn't it? This is just the beginning of a new adventure.

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6 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. love this post and all the truth behind it and memories, good and bad. my goodness so much has happened in the last 7 years. love you sissies. glad we are all happy and married and living life apart yet always together!

  2. "There was always something to look forward to and something to overcome. But that's life isn't it? This is just the beginning of a new adventure."

    agreed! This is true for the rest of us non-triplets too :)

  3. Have only met Kylie in her trip to Guatemala but I'm sure you're all awesome and I am glad that I get to learn more and more about you. Hughs!

  4. Love reading about yalls lives! So interesting to learn about people :)

  5. i always wonder how hard that would be for multiples to get married and start their sort of separate lives

  6. Oh wow, looking at the different wedding pictures was fun! You should post more of them.


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