the best year of my life so far was 2010. i woke up every morning to the morning sun streaming through my window and an ocean breeze blowing through the room. i was learning and growing every day and studying things i felt passionate about. i rode my DYI multi-colored bicycle everywhere i went, and spent my free time surfing in the turquoise warm waters of hawaii. life was a beach, and i was happy in it. on those days when it decided to rain, it would pour - and refresh the earth and remind me that there are indeed slight seasons even in the tropics. every day was an adventure, and i lived it all with my best friend at my side. 

the greatest year of my life so far was easily 2011. i knew on new years day that this year in particular would bring great changes to my life, and that didn't include eating better and exercising more. it was real life, my life, and it was going to change. i felt it inside of me, nudging me, and comforting me. and i was right. i had a smile plastered to my face that had finally become real and joy in my heart that made me feel whole. this is the year i officially began my "new beginning". i was starting my life in hawaii at a new school, making new friends and discovering my own passions and dreams. i developed a love so real i thought it was fake, and then i married him. this year was my year. and it was about time.

right now. 2012. this year i spent my wedding anniversary tucked away in the mountains of andorra. i spent valentines day beaming at the eiffel tower in paris. i spent my birthday with my sisters in hawaii. then after all the fun traveling, i found out i'm pregnant! i feel more in love with my husband than ever before. i am working hard on starting a new business. i am anticipating the arrival of baby hollenback. and i still get to day dream about where to go next. this year has been the greatest year of my life... so far!

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5 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. love this! like, a lot. it's hard to choose, but i think i have to agree with megan. the best year so far for me is this year - 2012. life is good :)

  2. I love this post! You are all very blessed!

  3. This is a great post- love it!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  4. This post is great!! And I love the whole blog, so you got a new follower now :)

    1. thank you we are so excited to have you!!


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