Location: Boise, Idaho / Activity: River Surfing & SUP / Price: BYOB & $15 Groupon for 2 hours

I (Megan) live in Boise, Idaho. We grew up skiing and playing sports here, but never picked up a mountain bike. As an adult I have enjoyed road biking on the green belt and mountain biking in the foothills. Boise has hundreds of fun trails that attract people from everywhere. This is a very bike friendly city and there are so many people that get out every day and enjoy what Boise has to offer.

This spring Boise built a new water recreation park for kayakers and surfers. There is also a surf wave in Cascade and Horseshoe Bend. The surf scene in Boise is growing. My husband surfs every day and has met some awesome dudes out on the river. Every time we go there are at least 3-7 surfers. When one guy sees it's possible to surf inland, the next day he'll bring his board. Where there's a will there's a wave!

There's also a pond next to the river park that is fun in the summer. You can rent stand up paddle boards at the nearby kayak shop and paddle around with the duckies! The boards weren't like I've seen before. We could sit or stand on these and they were very easy to balance on, like a boat. It's the perfect summer activity to do for a picnic on the water and a little physical activity!

Summer is the time to get out, and cool off!

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  1. perfect megs, perfect. love this! what fun things to do, you make boise look GOOD!!

  2. Surfing's the best! I'm glad I'm only 30 min from the ocean!

  3. Neat write-up on #riversurfing in Boise -- it's actually one of the best river surfing destinations out there! Keep shredding :)


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