i am super excited about sharing this video.
so excited that we're skipping out on our usual tasty tuesday this week.
it's my first 100% solo film project. i had an amazing time in guatemala and here's a little bit
of what i was doing down there and how you can get involved.

please - if you feel so inspired, do share this video.
the more people that see it - the more children receive help!

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  1. Hi Kylie, very impressive video, I push the tears .. my husband and I support a child from Africa, many children around the world needs it ..

    ..I love traveling triplets and flybird, dear sisters enjoy the summer :)), Olča from Czech

  2. my husband and i were watching the olympics last night and talking about the ridiculous amounts of money those people get (and many others) from sponsors and such. it just makes me sick. and then this morning, i watched your video and it makes me even more sick!

    you've done a great job with this video, it's beautiful and depressing all at the same time. i vow to look further into sponsoring a child and getting involved somehow. thank you :)

  3. wow Kylie, you did an amazing amazing job! Sounds like such a good organization, checking it out now

  4. I found your blog just a few days ago, and have been hooked ever since. I figured I should say "hello" now. You girls make such wonderful posts and seem way too awesome, I'd hang out with y'all in a heart beat!

    Anyway, this video is truly amazing, Kylie. You did such a wonderful job, I really admire the work that you did! My best friend is from Guatemala and I know she will love seeing this and seeing how we can help, I will be sure to share it <3 I'm checking out the Good Neighbors website as well. What a great organization.

  5. wow how amazing and wonderful. it brought be to tears seeing sick little elvin :( and how sweet ana was to her siblings. wow such wonderfully behaved kids with so little yet so much to give. it blows my mind and makes me sick how much we take for granted and the selfishness that surrounds us everwhere. i am grateful for this video. thanks ky. it would be awesome to sponsor a child someday and i def will when chase and i can afford to :) that would truly be a blessing!!


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