ALOHA, ladies!

Per popular request - we are here to answer reader's questions to,

"Where do you get your adorable one-piece swimsuits?!"

Well... here you have it. SHOW-TIME!

Triplet: Kylie / Suit: monokini / Price: $30 / Brand: Delias 

Triplet: Kylie / Suit: one-piece / Price: $40 / Brand: Juicy Couture / Where to get it (similar): Ebay

Triplet: Lisa / Suit: monokini / Price: $80 / Brand: Volcom 

Triplet: Lisa / Suit: one-piece / Price: $30 / Where to get it: PacSun

Triplet: Megan / Suit: one-piece / Price: $35 / Where to get it: Alloy

Triplet: Megan / Suit: one-piece / Price: $85 / Brand: Volcom / Where to get it: PacSun

Triplet: Megan / Suit: one-piece / Price: $20 / Where to get it: Forever21

These are some of the suits we've been asked for specifically, but we always hit up
Target, Alloy, Victoria's Secret and occasionally the sales at JCrew.

Are you itching for a new suit now?
Oops! Don't blame us!

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14 comments on SWIMSUIT EDITION

  1. So cute! Thanks for the info :)

  2. hotties!! :)I think my favorite suits are the last two. You guys all look great in one-pieces! :)

  3. loving all these picks! well almost all of them - i'm not sure i could pull off some of those monokinis :P

  4. YEA! I'm so glad you posted this! HOTTIES!

  5. i think i'm definitely purchasing a couple of those. soo cute!! cant have enough swimsuits, huh!

  6. i like how cheap these suits are.
    also, do the bodies come with the suits?
    so hot.

  7. haha i second jane's comment - if i had any one of your cute bodies, i'd for sure buy these cute suits! they're all adorable, i love them. and yes, now i want a new suit!! (or 5).

  8. Yay! Thank you for doing this! After having twins Im not to sure I want to rock a two piece anymore like I use to!

  9. you all have the cutest little figures!
    had no idea volcom rocked the cute suits
    thanks for sharing!

    xo the egg out west.

  10. Ahhh yup, thanks for forcing me to buy two new one pieces just now. :) Thanks for posting! I was wondering where you found all these gems!

  11. i've been drooling after one-piece suits for a while now, but i haven't found the ONE. thanks for the links i'll go check them out now

  12. Where can i buy the Monokini from Volcon 80$???Couldn't find it in the www!!!

    1. google search volcom big-little one piece, several come up! good luck :)


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