Destination: Maunalwili Falls / Location: Kailua, HI / Length: 3.2 miles / Duration: 2-3 hours

The Maunawili Falls trail is a super fun trail hike that takes you through the jungle along a river, and stops at a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. But be ready, it's muddy! We hiked it shoeless. Definitely don't wear sandals, hiking boots or strapped sandals would be fine! 

Keep in mind: park far from the trailhead up near the neighborhood on the hill. Police sometimes give tickets and cars are frequently broken into by the trailhead (just a warning).

On the hike you will cross the river a few times but it really is no big deal, it's not deep at all. About halfway through the hike you will break out of the jungle to an opening to view Kailua and the beautiful mountains. It truly is breathtaking. Now get outdoors and explore mother nature!
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5 comments on MAUNAWILI FALLS

  1. this is a fun hike. i did it in the dumping rain and it was HAZARDOUS lemme tell you. i literally almost died and got swept away in a very fast river.

    1. haha we did it around christmas right after a rain storm. BAD idea but funnest hike ever and very muddy. glad you didn't get swept away ky haha, scary!

  2. Everything looks so pretty(:! The pictures are great!

  3. Gorgeous! (You and the falls.) And I love a hike with a destination.


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