Destination: Kualoa Ranch / Location: Kaneohe, Oahu / Tours: Boat, horse, ATV, bus, and hula

Kualoa Ranch is a rad place. It boasts some of Oahu's best views along the coastline and stretches for miles deep into the jungle. The entire ranch is comprised of acres and acres of open land, including free roaming cows and horses amongst other things like peacocks and wild boars. It's a magical place, and I'm sure you've seen it before in movies like Pearl Harbor and Jurassic Park.

Kualoa offers a number of tours, among which our favorite is the ATV tour (4-wheelers). You can get details on pricing and other information here to see if that's something you'd like to do. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to just wander around and soak in all its glory - because boy oh boy, it is a sight to see.
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1 comments on KUALOA RANCH

  1. i gotta go back, such a beautiful place! i wanna ride the horses there!


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