Hi I'm Brittany Wood from Little Lady & Landon.  I'm a photographer and illustrator working 2 part-time jobs at home, one as an editor for a wedding photography company and the other working for a design company; while trying to build up my own online illustration shop and photography business on the side!  You can visit my blog here  my website here, and my shop here

My husband comes from a family of world travelers.  He has been to Madagascar, South East Asia, China and Europe to name a few, his oldest brother speaks 5 different languages, and collectively out of the 4 boys in their family they've traveled almost everywhere on the map! I personally feel like I married into the right family being that I've always wanted to travel the world.  Our first stop as a married couple was INDIA!  Everything about India was breathtaking, overwhelming and intense!  We backpacked from February through April and tried to see as much as we could.  

If you plan to visit India sometime soon or in the nearby future 
I will share with you our top 5 cities of India!  

1. Pushkar: A small tourist haven that is perfect to spend a few days at and shop your life away at the many bazaars.  This was the place to ride camels and take camel safaris!

2. Hampi: It is located in Southern India right dab in the middle. There are over 100 archeological sites to hike and explore around for days, you can spend at least a week there and still not cover half of what it has to offer.

3. Varanasi: The infamous, holy city is what it is talked up to be and more!  Worshipping at night, celebrations in the streets, washing in the Ganges River, and burning bodies at the burning ghats; there is a lot going on but has so much to offer.  The burning ghats was one of my best life experiences!

4. Manali: It is located up north near Tibet and Nepal.  It is a completely different world up there compared to the rest of India that we saw. Influenced by the Asian countries, there was a lot of new things to discover with the Himalayas in the background.  We enjoyed riding yaks, in our yak shawls, eating yak cheese, it was awesome!

5. Goa: Pure tropical bliss with a central main city that has the best fresh fruit, vegetable and fish markets.  We were able to visit an orphanage there and relax on the beach eating the freshest, cheapest seafood, yum!

I am still finishing up the end of my travels in India on my blog
Come on over and join me to relive my Indian experience!

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  1. you are an awesome photographer! India looks COOL!

    1. Really its awesome photographer of India nice.......:)

      Travel to kerala

  2. really inspiring photos! thanks triplets for having brittany guest post! :D

  3. Just WOW.....amazing pic´s! Wanna go to India. Now!

  4. wow so glad brittany guest posted, i love this and want to go there so bad someday. thanks brittany, you rock!!


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