so you know how we always emphasize individuality?

being a triplet there are many frustrating moments where we just don't get why people lump us all together. after being apart for a while, we are discovering we all want to be the same! so now you're confused. to be honest, we think it's pretty ironic too.

when we were reunited in hawaii we laughed, we cried, we fought, we snuggled, we teased, we did it all. good thing we have about a 10 second bounce rate so nothing really gets us stuck in a rut. except maybe one thing... comparing our differences. 

we like to call this the 2 verses 1 disease. 

2 verses 1 disease: where one feels inadequate because she is not like the others

symptoms: sensitivity to jokes, pointless crying, lost in quiet thought, defensive to criticism, irrationally competitive, insecurity, denial, lack of eye contact, constant need for approval, etc.  

diagnosis: identify the symptoms over time and match them with the disease. find out what makes the symptoms better and what makes them worse.

treatment: lots and lots of positive reinforcement. sit down and have a pow wow, but remember to listen! not everything can be solved in a snap and some things take time to be resolved.

warning: avoid sarcasm and accusations. this will only worsen symptoms. nobody likes to feel like they've been put in a box they can't break out of.

so the moral of our story is, don't try too hard to be different and don't worry about being the same. 
just be you!

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7 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. I was just wandering around the blog world! And I found your cute blog! What fun it is!
    -Erin @

  2. ahhh sweet megs, and so true. love how you put this into medical terms haha. cute cute. glad we are each our own person! that is for sure :)

  3. oh my heavens, meg. this is the sweetest cutest freaky friday post of all time. thank you for this. it taught me something, too. it was so sweet to read in your own sweet meggies love words! I LOVE IT! this is totes a disease. totes. haha.

  4. One of my favorite Freaky fridays post!

  5. Love this. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  6. So confused. Just kidding. Makes total sense. How can I love you 3 any more??


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