Curacao is an island in the in the Caribbean right off the coast of Venezuela. It is geographically considered a part of South America and the West Indies. Most people there speak Papiamentu, but if you speak English or Spanish you can get by just fine.

Curacao is known for its stunning coral reefs that are perfect for scuba diving. We didn't do any of that, but we did spend part of our visit at Mambo Beach. It was perfect for swimming and even snorkeling. We walked around downtown and admired the cute and colorful buildings. I wish cities looked like this in the US. It makes me happy and I think everyone would be happier looking at colors rather than earth tones all the time.

Anyway, a few landmarks that make Curacao special are the floating bridge and the floating market. The bridge swivels across the harbor to let pedestrians pass. It gets really crowded! The floating market is also a unique tourist attraction where Venezuelan farmers come to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables to the Curacao community.

Have you ever been to Curacao? What did you do there? Share your stories, we'd love to hear!
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2 comments on CURACAO

  1. WHAT FUN! that place looks rad and so unique! you are SO hot...

  2. this looks so rad, love all the beautiful buildings and colors!!


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