Us Fly girls have a long history of spending our birthdays outside surrounded by friends huddling over a fire. We have a tradition of making s'mores and tinfoil dinners. It's just the thing we do.
I can always be seen stuffing her face with s'mores. I actually had a summer (2007) which I deem "fat summer" because all I did was eat s'mores. I swear. It was kind of ridiuclous... so, per tradition, cheers to s'more face Kylie!
 Megan may have blinked but that doesn't stop us from thinking she is a total babe. No way.
 It started dumping rain on the beach and the storm clouds came rolling in and it was super windy. We got wet and huddled up in our sweaters but it was warm, as usual, and we kept partying like it was no big thang.
We had an awesome 24th birthday! There is so much more to come, once we're all home and settled we'll be sharing sunshine with you until your eye balls fall out. The rain came down and we stuffed our purses and goodies in our hoodies and pockets. I like to think it  gives you a good idea as to what I will look like preggo. Don'tchathink?

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  1. haha love it! glad you put the pics i took to good use. love you sisters. best bday ever!! if only the weather was nicer...but still fantastic!

  2. I was wondering if you guys were cold... Does it get cold in Hawaii?

    1. no never, but it was windy and slightly rainy. and once you live in hawaii for more than a month you think 70 is cold. i swear this night it was prob low seventies. never colder.

  3. hahahahaha these pics are hilarious, i look horrible. awesome birthday!

  4. Sounds like the most perfect way to spend it... bonfires by the beach are the absolute best!


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