Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands was our first stop on the cruise. We took a $7 (each) windy bus ride across the island to spend the day at Magen's Bay- like my name! The cruise line offers activities you can sign up for on the boat, but we found them expensive. Instead, at each stop we walked passed the annoying touristy traps and searched for something cheaper and simple to do. Usually we ended up exploring the island by foot and finding a beach somewhere to spend the day.

Magen's Bay costs about $4 each to visit. The water was warm and clear, the weather was perfect, and the sand was white! As you can see, it was a very crowded beach. We walked further down the beach and almost to the end we found it much quieter and open. We laid out our towels and fell asleep under the sun. Every hour or so we would be woken up by the pitter patter of rain that quickly turned into a downpour. Some found shelter in the jungle, but I just jumped in the ocean where it was warm.

After a long winter eager for sun we all ended up boarding the ship with a nice sunburn. Stupidly enough, nobody remembered sunscreen that day. Needless to say that never happened again. My husband's business partner got burnt the worse, and for the rest of the trip you could only find him under a palm tree or in the shade.

Aside from the obvious sunscreen and sunblock, what do you do to avoid sunburn on a trip? Does tanning before help? Skin cancer is all too common these days, and after a bad burn myself in Hawaii I am never rubbing tanning lotion on my skin again. I want to have fun but also be safe from the sun. Any suggestions or tips are welcome. Nobody wants to ruin their vacation with a bad sunburn!
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7 comments on ST. THOMAS

  1. I always apply sunscreen after showering the day before a beach day. Then, I apply it before getting to the beach. My skin is naturally tan, but no one is prone to bad sunburn. Making sure you apply sunscreen a few times during the day can do wonders!

  2. I think finding a sunscreen that you don't loathe applying is key. My boyfriend likes the spray stuff because it's quick... I like Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch because it feels like normal lotion and has a soft scent. It doesn't leave you greasy!

  3. I love your swimsuit! As far as the sunscreen, I always apply it an hour before I go out in the sun, then make sure to reapply at least once every few hours. Better safe than sorry! :)

  4. LOVE your swimming suit! Finding a cute, modest suit can be such a pain, where did you find yours?!

    1. thank you! i know the feeling, and i have become a bit obsessed with finding modest ones. this one is called "flip the bird" by volcom, and i found it at zumiez!

  5. I second the suit. Super cute! Also where did you find it?

  6. Both of my sisters are red heads and, needless to say, burn like crazy. Making sure to use a bunch of sunscreen is super important and finding a cute, big beach hat to guard your face and shoulders doesn't hurt either!


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