Saint Kitts is an island located in the West Indies. The majority of people are of African decent and they speak English, but I found it very hard to understand their lingo. It was a beautiful sunny day when we visited St. Kitts and we weren't sure what to do. There was no beach we knew of nearby so we walked for miles exploring the island by foot.

The highlights of St. Kitts were the cute baby monkeys in diapers and getting a hair wrap. I held a monkey for $4 and it was worth every penny. I love little animals and they hold your finger just like a baby, except they're fuzzy and weigh like a pound. At the end of the day I got a cool hair wrap. Remember our obsession with hair wraps? Well, this one cost me $9 and the lady made it with yarn wrapped around my hair. She ended it with some plastic beads and it's a total coincidence it matched that boat.

Our day in St. Kitts was an easy going one. It was neat to be among the people and get a small taste of what life is like in the Caribbean. If you have ever been to St. Kitts or are planning to go, share with us what you did!
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6 comments on ST. KITTS

  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the taste of St. Kitts!

  2. Me and my sisters are obsessed with hair wraps... we must've gotten at least six to this day. Unfortunately most of them were before the age of 12 :(. I must get one again.

    PS. Megs, thanks for introducing me to airbnb... I'm in love!

  3. ahhh you got to play with a monkey! so cool! awesome pictures!

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. Love this pics i do....fro st.kitts myself and i love that u shared ur experience and shots of the island....come back sometimes.....not just for a day to


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