sometimes you just gotta take a break and do nothing for a while. it's nice to leave all the hustle and bustle of work, house duties, school, and what you need to make for dinner behind . . . and escape to a pretty place to find some peace. here in oahu we call this place the laie point. it is the most beautiful location near our home that chase and i go to, to simply be together and admire the sea. even if it is just for ten minutes. salty air and crashing waves are just our cup of tea.

aloha . . .
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4 comments on SOMETIMES

  1. PRETTY LISA! the pics are so great! what a relief to see fresh photos, i can't wait to watch your style develop. i must know - where is that tshirt from you are wearing? it is so cute and simple. i miss the point, terribly. love you guys.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. sorry i deleted my comment, i wrote the wrong response haha, i meant to say julie gave me the shirt before she left on her mission. thanks kyky, LOVE YOU!!!!! miss you!! glad you like my photog haha

  2. great photos... and you're right, we all need to escape sometimes!


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